Dongguan Ruifengyuan Packaging Mfg.Co.,Ltd(RFY packaging) is actively expanding the market and will participate in the 19th Xi'an International Furniture Fair and West Safe House Custom Furniture Fair from September 17 to 20, 2020.

The exhibition centered on the core goal of “building a channel marketing platform for the home furnishing industry in the central and western regions, an industrial chain supply platform, a home lifestyle promotion platform, and a mass experience consumption platform centered on Xi’an,” and further established the organization of core content and continued to strengthen the furniture industry. The promotion and traction effect of quality development; highlight the promotion of the platform function of large-scale industry cooperation and large-market services of the exhibition, adhere to the exhibition policy of "specialization, marketization, standardization, and quality", and continuously improve the organization and participation of home furnishing supply resources The invitation and service efforts of the conference merchants have created a first-class well-known exhibition brand in China.

Dongguan Ruifengyuan Packaging Mfg.Co.,Ltd(RFY packaging) entered Xi'an with the Processing Trade Products Expo, combining packaging elements with furniture, and developing portable safes, cigar boxes, storage boxes, storage trays, display boxes, etc., which were praised by customers and peers.

September 2020 Xi'an Furniture Fair (safe, cigar box, makeup box, watch winder, cigar cabinet, storage tray, furniture accessories, etc.)

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